Dr. Oakes and Robert Carillo share the reasons that it is important to study theology and how it shapes the way we view and structure our lives.
Religions of the world view God in a myriad of confusing and contradictory ways. We can learn much about Christianity by exploring what other religions teach (Compararative Theology). Many of these religions that have migrated to America have hijacked Christian theology into thier teaching, such as:
  • the idea that God is personal
  • the idea that life really has a purpose
  • the idea that God is essentially good
  • the idea that justice will prevail
As a result, it can be very confusing for the person searching for God. This series will endeavor to show the true nature of God; the nature of creation; the relationship between man and God; and how Jesus fits into the narrative.The class will review the different world views and the theological background of the new Testament.

Over 8 hours of teachings with Word, PDFs and PowerPoint included.

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Christian Theology: How You View God Really Matters