When you think of David, you think of heart. The Bible says he was a "man after God's own heart." What a sterling tribute! From his days as a shepherd boy helping tend his father's flocks to his reign as Israel's king, David poured out his heart to God, demonstrated an amazing heart of love to his best friend, and also to his worst enemy. David also let sin creep into his heart ,which had dire consequences for his family and Israel. But above all else, David showed how to have a heart of genuine repentance.

The Psalms record the moving words of songs that King David penned that still move our hearts three thousand years later. Truly, David was the King of hearts.

In this set, Sam Laing speaks with warmth, humor and conviction, showing Christians today what can be learned from David's intensely personal walk with God.

The Four lessons are:
1. King of Hearts
2. The Shepherd King
3. The Outlaw King
4. The Reigning King

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After Gods Own Heart: Lessons From the Life of David