A Four Part audio series designed to help men appreciate their God–given sexuality and pursue purity in their lives. Tom Jones believes that single men were made in the image of God as physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual beings. God looks at them and their sexuality and says, "It is good." He also has a plan for purity, Recorded while speaking to the single men of the Nashville Church, these four lessons will help single men to appreciate their sexuality and to learn how to live at peace with it.

Lesson 1: God and Your Sexuality

  1. Introduction
  2. Accept That You Are a Sexual Being
  3. Keep God's View of Sex

Lesson 2: Distortions, Convictions and Motivations

  1. What Has Distorted Your View of Sex
  2. Have Conviction About Sexual Sin
  3. Protect a Treasure
  4. Have the Right Motivation for Purity
  5. Know the Enemy and His Schemes
  6. Let Your Sexuality Draw You to God
  7. Face the Challenge As One of the Team
  8. Why Not Be Amazing

Lesson 3: Pursuit of Purity Part 1

  1. Preparing Your Mind

Lesson 4: Pursuit of Purity Part 2

  1. Facing Temptation
  2. Dealing With Sin
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Single Men and Sexuality