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Has your relationship with God gotten boring, discouraging, or legalistic? Has the Bible become rote and monotonous? Has the church lost its ability to inspire you? There is hope. Your failures are not final, your mistakes do not define you, and your best days lie ahead. God is not through with you yet, and oftentimes he does his best work when you’re broken, flat on your back, and out of options. Kit is a living, breathing example that God loves knuckleheads and specializes in hopeless cases. In this dynamic spiritual breakthrough project you will learn to pray bold prayers and search for his answers on a daily basis. You will begin to see God in the details of your life and stretch your faith into uncharted territories. You will learn to listen to the Spirit as he guides you to find the miracles that you seek. Individuals, small groups and churches are experiencing life-changing breakthroughs as they follow these seven simple but very powerful steps. This book will help you develop the habit of seeing your Father as he works all around you, in you, and through you. You’ll be amazed before you’re halfway through.

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Forty Days of Prayer