Kids LOVE these activity centered Devos! There are 52 Devotionals + 11 Holiday Centered

These simple, fun Devo Cards draw your kids into the action quickly, making timeless Biblical principles come alive in practical and unforgettable ways. Even when the games get silly they make a point! Scripture is read, discussed, and applied in every devotion. Deck of Devos are perfect for busy families!

Lessons require little or no preparation, and fit neatly into a weeknight dinnertime. Most of the activities are especially designed to be done at the table! Use Devo topics to address specific needs! There are enough Devo Cards for every week of the year, plus 11 extra for special occasions: holidays, birthdays, even snow days! Check the Devo Index for topics you want to address in the familyÐ examples: ¥ ANGRY ANDY'S BAD DAY (anger)

  • PRESTO CHANGO (disappointments)
  • HAIR SMARTS (God values us)
  • DECISION MAP (the Bible guides us)
Adaptable for church classes and groups of any age!
Durable storage box and index of lessons included
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Deck of Devos: There are 52 Devotionals + 11 Holiday Centered