Jesus With the People (Daily Power Series) - Illumination Publishers
Jesus With the People (Daily Power Series) - Illumination Publishers

Jesus With the People (Daily Power Series)

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(Second Edition)

The Gospels present different snapshots of Jesus that in composite give us the full image of what God wants for our lives and what we must do to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.


Because we find such a richness in his life, one can seek a greater understanding of him in the many ways he interacted with people. In this Book a number of people or groups of people whom Jesus taught and loved were selected, and then contemporary leaders, both men and women, probed the Gospel accounts of these encounters to see what Jesus is teaching us about relationships.


Every interaction of Jesus with people is a powerful insight, a window into the world of Jesus and how we should respond to him. The reader will gain a wealth of knowledge about the nature of God and about the way we need to relate to the people around us. By looking at how Jesus was with people, we will see in memorable ways what our purpose in this life is and how we can fulfill it.


Table of Contents  

1. Humility in Action–John the Baptizer by Tom A. Jones
2. A Grateful Son–Mary, the Mother of Jesus by Larry Wood
3. Through the Roof–The Paralytic by David Eastman
4. Harassed and Helpless–The Crowds by Mohan Nanjundan
5. Going Deeper–The Samaritan Woman by Lori Bynum
6. Blind Unbelief is Sure to Err–The Man Born Blind by Toney Mulhollan
7. The Divine Position–The Widow of Nain by Emily Bringardner
8. The Call of the Wild–The Gerasene Demoniac by Henry Kreite
9. From Compliment to Confrontation–Nicodemus by John Mannel
10. The Price is Always Higher–The Call to Discipleship by Toney Mulhollan
11. He Looked at Him and Loved Him–Rich Young Ruler by the Faures
12. Dinnertime Discipling–The Twelve Apostles by Toney Mulhollan
13. God Comes Looking–The Man Blind from Birth by Nancy Mannel
14. A Friend of Sinners–Zacchaeus by Greg and Shelley Metten
15. The Greatest in the Kingdom–The Little Children by Al and Gloria Baird
16. No 'Dogs ' in Heaven–The Canaanite Woman by Sheila Jones
17. A Crowd-Pleaser–The Bleeding Woman and Jairus ' Daughter by Karen Louis
18. Seeing and Not Seeing–A Pharisee and the Sinful Woman by Diane Brown
19. Give or Take?–Matthew, the Tax Collector by John Bringardner
20. Perceiving Potential–The Apostle Peter by Brian Homet
21. The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved–The Apostle John by Steve Brown
22. Selection and Delegation–The Seventy-Two by Andrew Fleming
23. Hard Heads, Hard Hearts–The Pharisees by Brian Felushko
24. A Real Friend–Martha and Mary by Tricia Staten
25. Death Be Not–Lazarus by G. Steve Kinnard
26. Entrusted and Transformed–Mary Magdalene by Caryn Homet
27. Giving All She Had–The Widow at the Temple by Pat Gempel
28. Political Principles–Pontius Pilate by Steve Staten
29. Love Thy Enemy–Judas Iscariot by Tammy Fleming
30. Eyes Opened to Faith–Disciples on the Road to Emmaus by Jeanie Shaw
31. From Doubt to Faith–The Apostle Thomas by Curt Simmons
32. Still with the People–by Tom A. Jones
33. The Enduring Impact of Jesus–by Toney Mulhollan

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