What is the history of this group that according to its own statistics, has grown from 1 million in 1957 to 14.5 million today? What are their beliefs? Where are they coming from, and why has the group experienced such astounding growth and success, against formidable odds?
  • This Book will address all these questions in detail. In addition you will examine:
  • The early and controversial life of Joseph Smith
  • Joseph Smith and the origins of the Book of Mormon
  • Early leaders and witnesses in the Mormon faith
  • The moves to Kirtland, Ohio; Far West, Missouri and Nauvoo, Illinois
  • Circumstances surrounding the assassination of Hyrum and Joseph Smith
  • The history, ascendancy and leadership of Brigham Young
  • The journey of the Mormons to the Great Salt Lake Valley
  • What does the Book of Mormon teach?
  • What do Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price teach?
  • Are Mormonism and Christianity compatible?
  • How to effectively share the gospel with Mormons
  • ...and much more
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Mormonism: What Does the Evidence and Testimony Reveal? Apple/Android