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Jesus and the Poor Apple/Android

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Jesus ministered to the needs of people. If we are going to follow in his steps, we must minister to the needs of people as well. That 's who Jesus was; therefore, it 's who his people ought to be.
What is the Christian response to (Jesus and the Poor) poverty? I believe that we as a fellowship of disciples of Jesus must do our best to meet the needs of the poor around the world. I believe we need to integrate the healing ministry of Jesus with the preaching and teaching ministry of Jesus. I think we must constantly challenge ourselves in this area by looking at what the Scriptures say about it. This is how we deepen convictions in our churches–we look at the Bible. We are to be a people of The Book.

"If we are to turn the world upside down as did our predecessors, we must show the world the full ministry of Jesus. The disciple earnestly striving to be like Jesus today will find this Book deeply helpful and inspiring. As one who grew up poor, I am grateful for someone like Steve being a voice for the impoverished."

–Robert Carrillo, CEO/President, HOPE worldwide

Jesus and the Poor CHAPTER TITLES

  • Poverty, by a welfare mother in Tennessee
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Life and Ministry of Jesus
  • Chapter 2: Who Are "the Poor?"
  • Chapter 3: The Rich Man and Lazarus
  • Chapter 4: The Good Samaritan
  • Chapter 5: Bigger Barns
  • Chapter 6: Was Jesus Poor?
  • Chapter 7: Jesus with the Poor
  • Chapter 8: The Jesus Dream or the American Dream?
  • Chapter 9: The Sheep and the Goats
  • Chapter 10: Simplicity
  • Chapter 11: From Compassion to Action
  • A Picture of Poverty
  • Conclusion: WWJD?
  • Appendix I Why Help the Poor? A Quiet Time Series
  • Appendix II 50 Ways to Help the Poor
  • Appendix III Facts on Global Poverty and Hunger
  • Bibliography

Jesus and the Poor, written by Dr. G. Steve Kinnard who serves as evangelist and teacher for more than thirty years.

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