A recent study compared the lifestyles of those who claimed to be Christians and those who had no religious affiliation. The results were shocking. Whether it was in the area of marriage and divorce, abortion, sexual immorality or integrity, there was no appreciable difference in those who claimed to be Christians and those who did not. It's obvious the religious world has lost touch with the genuine call of faith. In this powerful video series, Gordon calls listeners back to the meaning of making Jesus the Lord of their lives.

Four Video Lessons (approximately 1 hour each):

  1. CALLED OUT Exploring the significance and implications of being uniquely chosen by God
  2. POURED OUT How to make relationships that will help us change and change the world
  3. SOLD OUT Why God desires total commitment to his Lordship and how to make that a reality in our lives
  4. GO OUT How to restore our love for the lost and help people become true disciples of Christ
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110% Souled Out: A Video Workshop for Devoted Living