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A Handbook for daily living for Christian men which will guide men to walk with God, handle life, and make an impact for God in their family, on the job and in their neighborhood. Topics addressed include:

  • Living with Passion
  • Meeting your Enemy
  • The joy of Pleasing God
  • Loving the Church (even when it's not easy)
  • Restoring Idealism
  • Overcoming Anger
  • Making Disciples at Any Age
  • Facing Illness

....and much more

Writers include: Sam Laing, Mike Fontenot, Randy McKean, Gordon Ferguson, Kelly Petre, Jeff Chacon, Jim Brown, Steve Johnson, Jack Frederick, Tom Jones, Tracy Larr, Wyndham Shaw and many more.

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A Man in All Seasons: A Handbook of Faithful Living
$4.99 $14.99