The letter of Philippians was written to believers in Philippi who were struggling with disunity, infiltration of false teachers, and a loss of joy and contentment. Writing from a Roman prison, Paul composes a letter replete with joy and gratitude. This joy flows from a dynamic relationship with God and Paul places a clear emphasis on the person of Jesus Christ and frequently mentions the phrases "in him," and "in the Lord." To impact the world we must have a deep relationship with God and replicate that joy in our lives that flows from a thriving relationship with God.
Against this backdrop, Paul focuses on areas that the Philippian church needed to address:
  • Peace
  • Thanksgiving
  • Humility
  • Imitating Christ
  • Futility of trusting in the flesh
  • Pressing on to maturity
  • Standing firm in Unity
and much more...
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A Philippian Exposition: The Joy and Power of Purposeful Living