An Aging Grace (Apple/Android) - Illumination Publishers
An Aging Grace (Apple/Android) - Illumination Publishers
An Aging Grace (Apple/Android) - Illumination Publishers
An Aging Grace (Apple/Android) - Illumination Publishers

An Aging Grace (Apple/Android)

The More YOU Know, The Better WE Grow!


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 In these pages you will read how men and women of faith face aging and its accompanying challenges. Topics are many and include relationships, continued purpose and spiritual growth, advice on health, grandparenting, finances, forgiveness and resolution. Not the least of these is how to conquer the fear of death. I heartily recommend that the young read this Book, to help understand elderly friends and parents, and their possible future; and for the old to read, to know how they are not alone. Dr. Stan Morehead, neurologist

Chapter topics and authors:

  1. An Aging Grace: God's Attitude Toward Aging by Jeanie Shaw
  2. An Aging Grace, How Sweet the Sound? by Gordon Ferguson
  3. My Hair Is Gray and I Like It That Way by Sally Hooper
  4. Can You Teach an Old Dog, New Tricks? by Jeanie Shaw
  5. Not Done Yet: A Caleb Spirit by Mike and Teresa Fontenot
  6. Making Life Work When Things Quit Working by Tom Jones
  7. Health Challenges Equal Heart Opportunities by Gloria Baird
  8. Dreams and Disappointments by Roger and Marcia Lamb
  9. One Joyful Day at a Time by Jeanie Shaw
  10. Retired and Retooled by Dan and Lory Demshar
  11. Physically Fit or Physically Phhht? by Dr. Milton Drake
  12. Intimacy in Spite of Obstacles by Ron and Linda Brumley
  13. The Best Years: Purpose and Progress by Kay McKean
  14. Joy on the Journey by Sheila Jones
  15. Legacies of Love by Geri Laing
  16. Transitioning Well by Jeanie Shaw
  17. Passing the Baton by Rick Maule
  18. Keeping the Grand‚ in Grandparenting by Ron and Linda Brumley
  19. Herding Elephants by Jeanie Shaw
  20. Keeping Your Mind Sharp by Rick Maule
  21. Compassionate Caretaking by Pat Tynes
  22. Dependable Dignity by Ron and Linda Brumley
  23. Menopause: A Survival Guide for Men and Women by Jeanie Shaw
  24. It Ain't Over till It's Over by Dr. Mark and Lin Ottenweller
  25. Necessary Though Difficult by Jim Brunson
  26. Live, Laugh, Love by J. P. Tynes
  27. Golden Friends by Wyndham and Jeanie Shaw
  28. Forging Strong Relationships with Adult Children by Bruce and Robin Williams
  29. More and More Humility by Larry and Mary Lou Craig
  30. It's Still More Blessed to Give Than to Receive by Bob and Pat Gempel
  31. Go in the Strength You Have by Wyndham Shaw
  32. Don't Quit Now by Jeanie Shaw
  33. Full of Years by Jeanie Shaw
  34. The Best Is Yet to Be by Gordon Ferguson
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