Gordon Ferguson

"Ever since I was a young teen, education was my thing. I never wanted to do anything besides teach." Gordon started out as a music teacher back in 1965, then interrupted a graduate program in educational administration to go into the full-time ministry.  Having been both a graduate and teacher of the Preston Road School of Preaching in Dallas, Gordon's ministry career of international preaching and teaching has now brought him full circle back to Dallas, where he resides with the love of his life and his favorite ministry partner, his wife, Theresa.  He joined our movement of churches in 1985 and began work in the New England School of Ministry, and also doing extensive preaching and teaching in European churches. Prepared to Answer (1995) and Victory of Surrender were the first of his fifteen full-length published books. Gordon has served as a teacher, elder and evangelist. He has directed and taught at several international ministry training academies: the Asia Pacific Leadership Training Academy; the European School of Ministry; and the Ukrainian Institute of Ministry. For decades he has been a sought-after speaker and Bible teacher, known for his passion and Biblical soundness. He now focuses primarily on a writing ministry. You can keep up with his articles on his teaching ministry website at www.gordonferguson.org and with his blog posts on racially related topics at www.blacktaxandwhitebenefits.com.