What Every Christian Needs to Know about Homosexuality
Homosexuality: Is there a more confusing subject in our world today? Have you ever wondered what is safe, and helpful, to say to someone you care to help, but find yourself only frustrated, lost for the right words? What workable, scriptural answers can Christians offer to those who long for credible responses in a world that is filled with so much confusion and ambiguity?
In the second edition of this groundbreaking and top-selling work, Guy Hammond will help you make sense of this very controversial subject and equip you to love people as Jesus would without compromising the ethics of scripture.
In Caring Beyond the Margins, you will benefit from the wisdom and life experiences of one who personally shares in the journey of those who strive for "strength in weakness" (2 Corinthians 12:9). This Book is a reliable resource that can be securely used in addressing these issues with confidence and competence.
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Caring Beyond the Margins: What Every Christian Needs to Know About Homosexuality Kindle