Bible readers have always loved the Book of Daniel, inspired by heroes like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who faced persecutions and strove to remain committed to God while held captive in a secular society. But when reading the Book's prophetic and apocalyptic sections, many people feel mystified and confused.

In Daniel: Prophet to the Nations, John M. Oakes presents a balanced and objective attempt to unlock the prophetic message of Daniel, while placing the Book in its proper historical context. For the twenty-first century reader who is able to look back in time and see how countless specific prophecies have been realized, the validity of the message of Daniel is proven in a very convincing manner.

The faith and deep convictions that can be gained from understanding the Book of Daniel will help Christians apply the practical examples of righteous living (even in a godless culture) to their own individual lives.
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Daniel: Prophet to the Nations (Kindle Version)