From a practical standpoint, our lives have been shaped by relationships, starting with our parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents and a whole host of others. When you think back about Christmases past, you don’t think of the gifts; you think of the people that shared those special times with you. What would we give for just one more time around the tree with a departed loved one? Our hearts know that life is about relationships, not all the other things that we all too often allow to occupy our minds and time. In the spiritual realm, the more relationships we have enjoyed that called us higher for God, the richer and more productive our lives have been for him. If our church life is not focused on these types of relationships, we will end up lonesome, empty and unproductive.

The fact that life should be focused on relationships should come as no surprise, since the Bible is all about relationships. The highest relationship known to humankind is that with our Maker. Then come the relationships within our physical family, followed by our relationships in our spiritual family, and ending with our relationships with those whom we need to help become a part of God’s family.

The Power of Spiritual Relationships is not just correct teaching. It is also teaching that comes from a man who has lived through victory, challenge, pain, surrender and humility as a husband, father, son, elder, evangelist, teacher, missionary and friend. Come and learn about the importance and power that comes from living with deep spiritual relationships in your life.

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The Power of Spiritual Relationships (Kindle)