Do those in a local fellowship need training to become good Christian church members? We believe the answer is an emphatic Yes. Aren't all in a Christian church, members—including the leaders? We may not all be evangelists, elders, teachers, or deacons, but all are members. In fact, training in Christian church membership is tantamount to training in the Christian life in general.

At times, what appears to be a problem of leadership in the church may, in fact, be largely due to a problem in the membership. If the members of the church treated the leaders of the church as they would want to be treated if they were the leaders, a lot of our church problems would be solved fairly quickly. Applying the Golden Rule turns out to be a useful concept for all our relationship within the church, not just the relationship between the members and the leaders. In this Book, we will be exploring many aspects of applying the Golden Rule to Christian church membership.

Subjects covered include:

  • In Christ you are free indeed
  • A Christian Bill of Rights
  • Leadership and membership
  • Willingly offer yourself to God
  • Willingly serve your ministry
  • Willingly support your leaders
  • Willingly give to one another
  • Willingly build up the church and much more...

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    Golden Rule Membership