Bringing Truth and Clarity to the Study of Revelation

The book of Revelation is probably the most controversial book in the new Testament. This controversy is largely the result of the fact that most believers do not understand the purpose of the book and are lost in the meaning of apocalyptic style of writing. The popular religious press, as well as a number of evangelical preachers have not helped with their focus on trying to fit the prophecies of Revelation into present-day events in the middle east.

Another reason for confusion is that many do not understand the historical background to the book, or the allusions to the Old Testament. The genre of apocalyptic literature is not new and builds on several Old Testament books. Comprehending the various images and scenes requires an indepth analysis of their overall use in the Bible.

In this audio series, Dr. John Oakes will help you to understand the purpose of Revelation, and will show you how each of the visions and descriptions contained there fit into the message of the book. In addition, the historical setting in Rome, under Domitian, and its relevance to the visions is clearly revealed and is important to a proper understanding and application of the book.

The definitive message of Revelation is that God is in control. If we remain faithful to God to the end, we will be vindicated and the enemies of truth will be destroyed.


This thorough exposition has over eleven hours of teaching and includes Word, PDFs and powerpoint documents.

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And He Shall Reign Forever and Ever