2010 International Christian Evidence Conference

1. Why Did God Create Man/Why is There Suffering?, John Clayton
2. Science: Christianity's Long Lost Child, Robert Kurka
3. A Defense of the Soul from a Neuroscientist, John Beggs
4. The Moral Argument, Dan Conder
5. A Defense of Christian Theology, Dr. John M. Oakes
6. Adam and Human Evolution, Foster Stanback
7. Toward an Intellectually Fulfilled Theism, Dr. Denis Lamoureux
8. The Urgency of Apologetics, Dr. Douglas Jacoby
9. God and Cosmology, William Golightly
10. Why I Left Atheism, John Clayton
11. On the Nature of God, John Clayton
12. Evolutionary Creation, Dr. Denis Lamoureux
13. Faith that Answers the Hard Questions, Dr. John M. Oakes
14. Question and Answer Session, Panel

*Handouts and Powerpoints are included

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ICEC 2010 Science and Christianity