God started our movement with youthful visions and continues it with mature dreamers and more young visionaries. Truly it is His story that multiplied a few brave souls into over 500 churches in 140 countries in such a short time.

From a vision to rekindle campus ministry to Jesus' dream of turning the world upside down, this history covers the last 40 years of the ICOC and leads into a vision for 2020 with a host of highlights and hardships along the way. Told from a multitude of frontline voices, this authentic, honest, and stirring history is an essential to the library of those who were there and those whom God will use to do even greater things.

  • A Disciples Today film.
  • Producer/Director. Roger Lamb
  • Film Editor: David Mattox
  • Camera: David Mattox, Jonathan Hoggard
  • Host/Writer: Mike Taliaferro
  • Visions and Dreams: 21 minutes.
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Visions and Dreams: A Brief History of the ICOC Visions and Dreams