Sam & Geri Laing

Sam Laing entered the ministry after earning his BA from the University of Florida in 1971. Sam Laing serves as an elder and evangelist in the South Florida Church of Christ. He and his wife Geri were married in 1972 and have four children, all of whom are faithful Christians. Sam and Geri are also the proud grandparents of nine young grandchildren. The Laings have co-authored three books on marriage and family: Raising Awesome Kids in Troubled Times (Reloaded), Friends and Lovers, and The Wonder Years (with their daughter Elizabeth Thompson). Sam has written four other books: Be Still, My Soul, Mighty Man of God, The Guilty Soul’s Guide to Grace, and The Five Senses of Romantic Love. Besides their work in South Florida, Sam and Geri maintain a busy schedule traveling in the United States and abroad, ministering to churches and conducting seminars on marriage, family and spiritual growth.

Geri Laing is a vivacious woman, full of wisdom and spiritual insight. She and her husband, Sam, have written several books. They have servied in the ministry for more than fourty-five years. They currently live in South Carolina. They have taught throughout the world on marriage and parenting, and Geri is also an inspiring speaker for women's retreats and conferences.