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Douglas Jacoby, international teacher for more than 25 years and author of Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible, A Quick Overview of the Bible, and most recently, The Lion Roared believes that pursuing answers about the Bible and God's truth is a healthy part of a thriving faith. In this encouraging Book, he helps readers by tackling the questions they may be too timid or intimidated to ask others.

With vast biblical knowledge and godly insight, Jacoby presents concise, straightforward answers to intriguing questions, such as,

  • What do we mean when we say the Bible is inspired?
  • Can a person believe in both evolution and the Bible?
  • Is the Bible chauvinistic?
  • Did ancient humans really live for hundreds of years as mentioned in Genesis?
  • How can we understand the Trinity?
This extensive, fascinating examination of the Bible is ideal for new Christians and longtime believers who desire a solid foundation from which to grow and share their faith.
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Your Bible Questions Answered: Clear, Concise, Compelling
$7.99 $12.99