Tom & Sheila Jones

Tom A. Jones founded Discipleship Publications International (DPI) and served as editor-in-chief for nine years. He and his wife, Sheila, currently live in Tennessee, where he is a teacher in the Greater Nashville Church. He is also the author of numerous books including Mind Change, In Search of a City, The Baptized Life, No One Like Him, and Strong in the Grace. He is the coauthor of other books including The Prideful Souls Guide to Humility One Another, along iwth the first two columes in the series on The Kingdom of God.

Tom has always championed restoration of Biblical principle, from standing against segregated churches of Christ to standing for a greater emphasis on grace, kingdom lifestyle and ministry for the physically challenged. When MS forced Tom to change roles from an evangelist to editor for DPI he wholeheartedly engaged the ministry of the written word and has left a legacy of written impact that both transforms lives and depicts the progress of International Churches of Christ over the last 25 years.

Sheila’s love for God, her family, her Bible and her friends come from deep within her heart. Her love for language and all the arts, her love of laughter, her creativity and her ability to communicate in written  (and spoken) words are gifts from God. She has faithfully and lovingly used the gifts God has given her to enrich and strengthen the lives of countless women (and men.) 

 Most would review the products from DPI and surmise that this company was staffed with dozens of talented individuals, but Sheila did it all. As a writer, editor, publisher, marketer, webmaster and business woman she made DPI an exceptional publishing company, producing quality spiritual books that will continue to help many get to heaven.

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