The problem of pain and human suffering is the most significant obstacle for most non-believers. Even sincere Christians often find this question to be very troubling despite their willingness to put their faith in God.
Pain and suffering is an apologetic problem, but it is also a human problem. This video presentation is an attempt to deal with both issues. Here are some of the topics that Douglas addresses in these three sessions:

• Physical and emotional pain
• Is God just?
Is God responsible for everything that comes our way?
How much misery is caused by humanistic and deadly philosophy?
Understanding the classic objections to the problem of human suffering
Did God create evil?
Why is the world a dangerous place?
Free will and human suffering
How suffering refines character
God brings good out of evil
Human relationships produce pain, but also produce joy and satisfaction
Christians must tell the whole truth about the nature of God
Why does God allow us to suffer?
One third of the Psalms reveal a deep resentment towards God
God is not nice!
God does not explain or justify the suffering in our world and lives
The primary theme or sub-theme of ten books of the Bible is suffering
Don't miss the opportunity to talk about death, pain, sickness, divorce, loss, betrayal or any tragedy
Practical steps to relieve suffering in our communities and the world

Three sessions: 50 minutes each for 2 hours and forty minutes of video teaching.


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Human Suffering