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Discipling REDEFINED


Our goal is for every believer to have: 
• A refined focus inspired from God's word 
• A refreshed hope for those looking to the future 
• A reviving healing for those hurt by the past 
• A redefined conviction to love one another 
• A renewed desire to imitate Christ

DisciplingREDEFINED: Principles of Loving One-Another Relationships

If we are going to help each other be like Christ, it must be primarily through loving each other and helping each other repent. What were the priorities of Jesus? I'm pretty sure love is near the top, but specifically loving each other in very many ways...Also repentance and forgiveness would obviously be high on the list. And seeking and saving the lost has got to be in there, right? We must help each other become like him in these ways and many more. 
     Let's refresh our minds and hearts about it. At its root, discipling is about relationship. It's about how we relate to one another, given we all want to be more Christlike, and for sure we all want to make it to heaven. I think it really is that simple. God gave us the perfect example in Jesus. If we take a good, long look at Jesus as he led and trained his followers, we will be surprised at what we see. What "new" things can we discover? Or perhaps we may stumble upon something old we forgot about. Whatever we find on this journey promises to be life-changing because it is centered on love and the life of Jesus.


Editor Chris Carter and his cowriters take a fresh look at the "one another" concept, and then give us some tools to help us bring it to life through the Spirit's power. As one who has been seeking transformation through relationships for decades, I am thankful for these younger ones who can help me see how to take new steps forward. God has in store more than guys like me have known, and I say, "Bring it on."
- TOM A. JONES, Author, Elder,
The series weaves together understandings about Jesus’s life that are deep and practical. The clever connections to everyday life help my family to remember the topics and put them into practice.
- GORDON FERGUSON, Author, Teacher, Elder, Evangelist
Discipling Redefined - Illumination Publishers

Discipling Redefined

If we are going to help each other be like...
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