Virginia Lefler gives Christian women a new perspective of Peter's injunction to have a "gentle and quiet spirit." With depth, clarity and vulnerability, she addresses the fears many women face in embracing their God-given role. She helps wives to discover their incredible worth to God and the peace and contentment of a gentle and quiet spirit. Twenty-five worksheets throughout the Book make it especially useful as a quiet time study or as a guide for a women's class or discussion group.

Many Christian women face a dilemma in embracing the biblical teaching in 1 Peter 3:4 about a gentle and quiet spirit being of great worth to God. They want to please God but they perceive "gentle" and "quiet" as weak or passive qualities. The truth is that the original text describes a strong and peaceful woman, and the word translated "great worth" means the very end or limit with reference to value. In other words, there is nothing more valuable to God. This Book will give you a new perspective and some valuable lessons on how to become this strong woman with inner peace.

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A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

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