A 21st Century Biblical Guide for Growing, Protecting, and Using Your Money

Topics covered:

Section I: The Basics
Chapter 1: Honor God with Your Wealth
Chapter 2: Spend Less Than You Make
Chapter 3: Aggressively Pay Off Debt
Chapter 4: Save

Section II: Biblical Perspectives on Wealth
Chapter 5: From Slave to Slave Master
Chapter 6: Mastering Mammon
Chapter 7: Custodians of Wealth
Chapter 8: The Deceptions of Wealth
Chapter 9: Riches and Righteousness
Chapter 10: Worry and Money

Section III: Financial Investments
Chapter 11: Diversification & Other Biblical Financial Advice
Chapter 12: Wall Street Investments
Chapter 13: Other Investments
Chapter 14: Alternative Investments

Section IV: Spiritual Investments
Chapter 15: Motivations for Charitable Giving
Chapter 16: Giving More
Chapter 17: Giving to the Poor
Chapter 18: Evangelism and Missions

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