Lesson 1

  1. The Vitality of Family (Sam/Geri Laing, Joey Harris, Douglas/Vicki Jacoby)

Lesson 2

  1. Life Outside the Pyramid (Steve Brand)

Lesson 3

  1. Family Systems (Dr. Douglas Jacoby)

Lesson 4

  1. Principles of Mental Health A (Drs. Mike and Mary Shapiro)
  2. Principles of Mental Health B (Drs. Mike and Mary Shapiro)
  3. What Men Need to Know: Women's Issues (Dr. Mary Shapiro)
Lesson 5
  1. Children, Family Issues, and Church Life A (Dr. Mike Shapiro)
  2. Children, Family Issues, and Church Life B (Drs. Mike and Mary Shapiro)
  3. Psychological Issues in Leadership (Dr. Mike Shapiro)

Lesson 6

  1. Principles of Pastoral Counseling A (Dr. David McAnulty)
  2. Principles of Pastoral Counseling B (Dr. David McAnulty)

Christian counseling is a much neglected discipline. Church members look to leaders for guidance and counsel. This means that the leader must be well equipped and prudent–especially in this day and age. Study the classical personality types (Choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholy). Learn to view people as whole persons–spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Lear the ABCs of pastoral counseling–when to advise and when to refer, working with professionals when necessary. This course equips us to equip the body of Christ to be "competent to counsel." Counseling is not optional; it is a crucial area of ministerial training.

Family Life (Video Series-AIM)

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