Genesis Then and Now Workshop. This 12 part series on Genesis by Gordon Ferguson was given in 1994. It gives the history of Genesis but also applies the principles learned to our Christian lives today. This series will help you learn Genesis and also give you the tools to teach it. Each lesson covers four chapters.

Genesis 1—God, Man and the Universe

Genesis 2—Man Kills Man, God Kills Men
Genesis 3—Off the Boat, Into the Sky
Genesis 4—Abraham's Godly Transfer
Genesis 5—Consequences of Bad Decisions
Genesis 6—A Life, a Birth, a Test, a Death
Genesis 7—A marriage, a Dath a life, Twins Born
Genesis 8—Jacob's Flight, Marries Twice
Genesis 9—A Happy Reunion
Genesis 10—The High Price of Immorality
Genesis 11—Dreams turn to Nightmares
Genesis 12—Rewards of Perseverance
Genesis Then and Now Workshop