This Book acknowledges that there is not one simple formula for forgiving. It offers no checklist to pursue freedom from bitterness or resentment. Nor does it rely on an ultimatum that God will not forgive you unless you forgive others. Instead, it encourages you to understand your own heart and the obstacles that make forgiveness difficult. Through exposition of Scripture and compelling real-life examples this Book extends God's invitation for you to come to him. Bring him your burdened heart and take his powerful and loving hand. He will compassionately journey with you on a path that you find or construct with his help. It is a Book about forgiveness, but it is also a Book about trust and grace and hope for a closer walk with God. Some of the things that this Book will teach you are how to:
  • See what forgiveness is and is not
  • Analyze an offense
  • Discern pettiness
  • Make amends
  • Respond to persistent offenses
  • Forgive the most profound hurts
  • Gain perspective
  • Confront your offender
  • Forgive yourself and God
  • and much more...
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Hand in Hand With God: Finding Your Path to Forgiveness Kindle