Do you want to make your life count?
Do you sense that you were created for greatness?
Do you long to make a meaningful impact on the world?

Jesus Leadership: 7-Week Training Journal will help you to master the extraordinary life, love and leadership secrets of the greatest of all time: Jesus. Not only will you learn about everyday revolution but you will grow to become a high-impact, real-life revolutionary. By following the steps of this journal you will:
  • Learn to overcome adversity to thrive in any circumstance.
  • Grow to experience the joy of true love relationships.
  • Learn to lead a team that achieves greatness together.
  • Discover how to dynamically coach others to true life success.
  • Understand how to make a lasting impact on your neighborhood.
  • Discover and excel in the most revolutionary habit of all.
This daily training journal is designed to be an inspiring, challenging and uplifting 49-day adventure, filled with practical Jesus workouts, group discussions, Bible studies, exercises and worksheets that can change your life!
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JESUS LEADERSHIP 7 Week Leadership Training Journal