Hebrews 11, the Catalog of Faithful Witnesses, retells the testimonies of God's faithful followers who found God in the midst of pain, suffering, and hardship. Their testimonies are an upward call to God's people today. Reading this book is like reading Hebrews 11.

Testimonies are truth. Testimonies are lived truth. In this book faithful disciples of Jesus give their testimonies of how God fortified them during their darkest days, their days of lament, grief, and loss.

These stories aren't easy to hear. They are stories that are full of hurt and pain. But as we listen to the stories, we learn lessons about how to find God in the dark moments of life. These are the moments that St. John of the Cross calls the "dark night of the soul." Is God present when life is shrouded with misery and grief? This book doesn't tell the reader how to find God during the "dark night," instead, the book shows the reader how God reaches out and finds his faithful followers during their "dark night." That's the value of this book.

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