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REDEEMED Sexuality

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You are a sexual person. Whether you are single or married, a teenager or an older single adult, God created you as a sexual person. So how do we inhabit our sexuality in a way that brings honor to God? And what exactly is sexuality? Is it just sexual intercourse? Or is it perhaps something much greater? God created them make and female From the moment of our conception, we are born in this act of creation as a sexual being. God's creation was the work of a master artist. It is vital that we discover both the artwork and the artist.

Unfortunately, sexuality can sometimes be a source of confusion, frustration, shame, guilt, pain and sorrow. Sexual challenges can come from the choices we make, from the things that others do against us, and from the ways in which Satan has inundated the world with a tsunami of destructive words and images about sex. Perhaps you want to lead a life of sexual purity but you are finding it hard to find solid, biblical answers to some of the very real questions you have.

How does someone who is unmarried pursue purity and live out their sexuality as God intends? Redeemed Sexuality answers questions that singles, teens, students and parents ask including:

  • What is God's plan fo sex?
  • How should single, working professionals, college students, teens and all other unmarried individuals understand their sexuality in light of God's Plan?
  • What is purity and how do we deal with temptation when it is so hard to escape?
  • How do we work through the damage and pain that is already done?
  • How can parents effectively communicate with their kids about sex?


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