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Refined By Fire: An Exposition of the Letters of 1 and 2 Peter

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When reading the two letters written by the Holy Spirit through Peter, we are not at all surprised at the passion and the directness with which they are written. Peter never went at anything with a lack of passion, and he always took the direct path to whatever he was pursuing. As Peter wrote about growth in Christ, he wrote as one who had learned the answers from his own experience. His need for growth in his early days was a matter of public record, and more often than not, the record was embarrassing to him. Yet, he was undaunted in his quest for Jesus.

He was no theologian in pursuit of intriguing facts; nor was he an introspective scholar searching for some inner experience to gain peace of mind. Simply put, he was in a life-consuming race as a disciple of Jesus. His failtures did not slow him down; advancing age did not calm him down and, the threat of persecution to the very point of death did not quiet him down. He had been with Jesus and nothing else mattered besides following in the footsteps of the best friend he ever had.

The believer's refining by fire involved trials from within and without. They had to strongly reject false teachings and the teachers who spawned them. And the only way that they could do such a thing was to see things through the eyes of God and to consistently take the way of the cross. Peter helps us to learn to think with the holiness which burns in the Almighty, and he helps us learn to feel with the servant heart which throbs in the crucified Christ.

The series contains eight messages (MP3 Format), powerpoints and outlines.

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