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Important Information about this Download:

  • Includes PowerPoint slides of all the lyrics of all 265 songs in the Songs of the Kingdom Songbook
  • Nature scenes or colorful background pictures with easy-to-read lyrics on each slide
  • No need for worship software packages‚Äìjust a laptop with PowerPoint
  • Simple and easy to use with laptop, projector and screen
  • Works on any PC or Mac.
  • Formatted for Microsoft PowerPoint 97 or newer
  • All copyright expenses on background pictures included in the purchase price
  • All copyright expenses on song lyrics included in the purchase price
  • No more tracking down of copyrights or permissions on lyrics or background pictures
  • No licenses to be purchased or royalties to be paid
  • Files can be saved to computer or CD for order of worship usage
  • This download is not intended to replace the Songs of the Kingdom songbook, which has musical notations for the songs. Rather it was created to augment the songbook. Many members will prefer to use their books and read the notes of the songs. But those who so not read music or who know the tune of the song, but don't remember all the words, will be grateful for these beautiful, easy-to-read lyrics projected on a screen for all to see.
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Songs of the Kingdom PPT
$99.99 $199.99