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The New Christian's Field Guide (Apple/Android Version)

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The New Christian's Field Guide explores 52 crucial topics for any new believer in an easy-to-read format. Action steps and resources for further study are included in each chapter, ensuring growth in four key areas:

  • Fundamentals of Christianity covers topics that form a foundation for everything in a new believer's walk with God.
  • Discipleship: Becoming Like Jesus helps new Christians grow in this divine conspiracy set up to make them more like Christ.
  • One Another equips new believers to deal with those sinners we call brother and sister, as we live out God's plan for community.
  • Sharing the Light helps new Christians gain insight into the challenges of sharing Jesus with an unbelieving world.

This Book contains wisdom gained by 35 Christians of every background and is designed to impart their hard-won perspectives to our newest generation of is indicative of a core conviction we hold in the church: every disciple is valuable, insightful, helpful and necessary. We're better together! Each one of us is called on by God to make our spiritual mark in our church family and in the world.

Topics include:
1 God— Images Of The Indescribable
2 The Holy Spirit— May The Force Be With You
3 Jesus— Follow The Leader
4 Return Of The King— Living In Expectation Of Christ's Return
5 Grace vs. Works— Growing In The Light Of Grace
6 The Sovereignty Of God— Who Is In Control Here?
7 Who Is Saved?— Salvation Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
8 Hell— Abandon All Hope, You Who Enter Here
9 Heaven— Great Expectations
10 Prayer— Can We Talk?
11 Mmm… God's Word!— Our Daily Bread
12 Let It Go— What Should I Leave Behind?
13 Let Them Go— Whom Should I Leave Behind?
14 Balance— It Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint
15 God's Discipline— Considering It Pure Joy
16 Openness— Walking In The Light
17 Accountability— You Can't Go It Alone
18 Victory!— Against All Odds
19 Sexual Purity— Overcoming A Multi-Faced Sin
20 Spiritual Warfare— There's A Target On Your Back
21 Financial Stewardship— Whose Money Is It Anyway?
22 Generosity— It Is Better To Give Than To Receive
23 Living Sacrifice— Giving Up Everything For Jesus
24 Pride— The Hidden Killer
25 Deep Healing— God Longs To Heal Your Heart
Christian Conundrums— Why Did Jesus Die?
26 Love— The Greatest Commandment
27 Born Identity— I Know Whose I Am
28 Sowing And Reaping— Pulling Up The Roots
29 Life To The Full— Where Is This Life We Are Promised?
30 Finding Your Shape— Exploring Your Unique Purpose
31 The Kingdom— Where Jesus Is King
32 Church History— How Did We Get Here?
33 Worship— A Way Of Life
34 Fellowship— Do I Really Need To Be Connected?
35 Creating Family— Life In A Small Group
36 Conflict Resolution— Doing It God's Way
37 Christian Dating— It Isn't Just About Finding A Spouse
38 Finding That Special One— What To Do While Waiting
39 Marriage— The Roles God Designed Us To Play
40 Parenting— Respecting Our Children
41 Evangelism— Fishing With A Purpose And A Plan
42 Shining Like Stars— And If You Must, Use Words
43 Respecting Authority— As Unto The Lord
44 Excellence At Work— God Is Your Boss
45 Relatability— Understanding And Reaching Those Around Us
46 Firestorm!— Persecution In Our New Lives
47 Other Churches— Are We Alone In Our Christianity?
48 Moral Relativism— Do All Roads Lead To Rome?
49 Humanism— Does Man Control His Own Destiny?
50 Atheism— Does God Exist?
51 Science And The Bible— Where Do We Come From?
52 Social Justice— And As You Read This…

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