The Way of the Heart of Jesus: The Inward Journey is the first of three Books that concentrate on how to become more like Jesus through practicing twelve classic spiritual disciplines. These Books are part of The Christian Spiritual Formation Series (also called The Way of the Heart series). This volume on the inward journey focuses on the spiritual disciplines: prayer, fasting, meditation, and Bible study.

As disciples of Jesus, we are all trying to walk the path of the heart that leads to spiritual maturity. The
goal of following this path is to become like Jesus, and the process of becoming like Jesus is known as spiritual formation. It is also called discipleship.

At times the journey toward spiritual maturity is difficult. But God has given us certain spiritual disciplines that will help us navigate this challenging terrain. The Way of the Heart of Jesus series explores effective ways to practice twelve spiritual disciplines which lead to growth in Jesus.

This volume covers in details the spiritual disciplines of Prayer, Fasting, Meditation and Bible Study.

Enjoy the journey!

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