This Book by Dr. Steve Kinnard helps you get in touch with your heart. He encourages the reader that all growth begins at a heart level. Long-term growth will only happen when our heart is genuine.

Part One: A Biblical View: Defining "Heart
Chapter 1 - Defining "Heart" in the Old Testament
Chapter 2 - Defining "Heart" in the Gospels
Chapter 3 - Defining "Heart" in the Remainder of the New Testament

Part Two: What is the Way of the Heart
Chapter 4 - The Way of the Heart/The Disciples' Math: Subtraction and Addition
Chapter 5 - The Way of the Heart/The Disciples' Bath: Daily Inner Renewal

Part Three: The Heart of the Trinity
Chapter 6 - The Heart of the Father
Chapter 7 - The Heart of the Son
Chapter 8 - The Heart of the Spirit

Part Four: The Heart of the Commandments
Chapter 9 - The Greatest Commandment
Chapter 10 - The Second Greatest Commandment

Part Five: Character Studies on the Heart
Chapter 11 - A Man After God's Own Heart: A Study of the Heart of David
Chapter 12 - Far from God's Heart: A Study of the Heart of the Pharisees
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