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The kingdom of God is revealed in history, and this is unique about Christianity in comparison to other world religions. The kingdom of God is a story, one that is gradually revealed throughout the history of God's plan to return the earth to the kingdom that it was intended to be all along. His plan is seen as he chooses a man, he chooses a tribe, he chooses a people, and he chooses a place; he gives them a covenant, he sends them prophets, and he prepares a nation. When all is set, he comes to his people to reveal himself. But even this is not the end of the story. God sets up a spiritual kingdom (the church), and he proclaims his message to the entire world. Finally, when all is ready, he will usher in the great and final kingdom.

     The seven message series by Dr. John Oakes and Robert Carrillo explores the nature of the Kingdom of God: past, present, and future. It also contains a powerpoint and outline in Word and pdf with it. This series will help you understand the nature of the Kingdom of God!

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The Kingdom of God: Past Present Future