Without emotional intelligence and personal growth, our lives will be like the seed that fell among thorns (Luke 8:14). We will not be able to most effectively or spiritually handle life's worries, riches, and pleasures, and we will not mature. This book addresses issues that we must consider in order to live as emotionally, spiritually, and relationally mature adults. Not a "quick read" book, it contains scriptures to contemplate, personal sharing, paradigm-changing insights, and reflection questions.

“Cresenda Jones is a spiritual powerhouse! Life has thrown the kitchen sink at her and yet through her faith in Christ, she never stops fighting; she never gives in to insecurity and doubt; in fact, she has learned to thrive through it all. Cresenda did not wait for someone to give her a title before she started sharing her experience and using her God-given gifts to help others. Inside this book you too can learn to start where you are, to grow in your faith, and, combined with modern techniques, to overcome all that life has thrown at you.” —C. Mack, HOPE worldwide Board Member and former President and CEO, Citibank, FSB

“Cresenda's book addresses hurts and needs that many Christians share and sometimes hide. These can be healed by God when we are willing to face them with faith and hope as part of our spiritual regeneration. Freedom from these earthly chains is so worth it!” —Marcia Lamb, Senior Writer, Disciples Today

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Spiritual Maturity God's—Will for Emotional Health and Healing