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Andy and Tammy Fleming have served as full-time Evangelist and Women’s Minister for over thirty years in the International Churches of Christ (ICOC). Andy is a Canadian and Tammy an American, who met in the Boston church of Christ in 1985, and later married on the Stockholm mission planting in early 1987. Career missionaries, they have invested their lives in the churches in Scandinavia, the UK, Los Angeles, and the former Soviet Union. From 1991-1999 they lived in Moscow, Russia, during...


Discipling Redefined

If we are going to help each other be like Christ, it must be primarily through loving each other and helping each other repent. What were the priorities of Jesus? I'm pretty sure love is near the top, but specifically loving each other in very many ways...Also repentance and forgiveness would obviously be high on the list. And seeking...

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