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About Us

Every bit of our content, spanning across books, audio recordings, and videos, is meticulously crafted by individuals within our network of congregations. These dedicated contributors include Teachers, Evangelists, Elders, Counselors, Therapists, and more, all of whom are valued members of the ICOC community. Our focus revolves around tailoring materials to precisely meet the evolving and upcoming requirements of congregations worldwide.

We are proud to announce that our reach knows no bounds. With our expanding global presence, we currently ship to numerous destinations around the world. What's more, our upcoming initiative aims to establish worldwide printing capabilities, allowing us to extend our influence even further, particularly to remote churches in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico, and South America. Enabling us to facilitate access to these harder-to-reach areas, this endeavor will not only enhance our global distribution but also contribute to a significant boost in global sales.


James Pattinson

This Christian publishing company consistently delivers spiritually uplifting content across a diverse range of titles, ensuring there's something for everyone's faith journey.”

Greg Stuart

“Beyond books, this company equips readers with educational resources such as study guides and curriculum materials, deepening understanding of Christian teachings.”

Trevor Mitchell

“Partnering with respected authors, this company produces works that not only deepen one's faith but also foster a sense of community among believers.”

Carly Pearson

“Addressing contemporary challenges with timeless principles, their books remain relevant, providing insightful perspectives on Christian living.”

Jeniifer Cullen

“Embracing the digital age, this publishing company offers a strong online presence, making their content accessible through e-books and audiobooks.”

Janet Chandler

Actively fostering community through events and online platforms, they provide readers with spaces for meaningful discussions and shared experiences.”