Dr. Joy Bodzioch

Throughout her adult life, Dr. Joy Bodzioch has passionately sought to find – and share – the secrets for experiencing joy in all circumstances. This quest has led her to explore the timeless wisdom of the Bible, and also to find out what answers might be found in professional psychology. Joy received her doctorate in 1983, and began her career as a hospital-based pediatric and family psychologist. After discovering that similar skills were necessary to create a healthy environment at work and at home, she wrote her first book, a manual for managers entitled Catching the Wave of Workforce Diversity. This led to new opportunities: hosting her own radio series, presenting on an international teleconference, and being named Dallas Entrepreneur of the Year. She was an active member of the National Speakers Assn, and served on the Dallas Bar Assn’s Multicultural Dispute Resolution Team after becoming a trained mediator.
     Joy relocated to Northern California in 1994. Seven years later, she and her husband Adam accepted an invitation to serve their church on the island of Oahu. While there, Joy managed a therapeutic foster care program and later directed the graduate program at Wayland Baptist Univ. In 2009 her second book, Discover Joy, was published, followed by a marriage book, Discover Joy in Your Marriage, co-written by Joy and Adam. Her newest book is entitled 10 Keys to a Rich & Satisfying Life: Timeless Wisdom for Total Well-being. She is also a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Pleasanton CA.