The debate between agnostic and skeptic Michael Shermer and Christian apologist Douglas Jacoby took place October 27, 2008 before a packed house at the University of Florida. "Science, Man and God: A Creationism vs. Evolution Debate"was the title of the event.

Dr. Shermer is recognized as one of the five most famous atheist/agnostic scholars in the world, author of a dozen books and serves as President of the Skeptics Society. He has held dozens of debates, and has also appeared on Oprah, 20/20, Dateline, Tom Snyder, Larry King Live and The History Channel.

Dr. Jacoby directs a worldwide teaching ministy, having taught in over 300 cities in nearly 90 nations. Douglas graduated from Duke University and has advanced degrees from Harvard University and Drew University. He is a prolific writer and teacher.

For the latest news, events and information about the work and ministry of Dr. Douglas Jacoby, go to www.douglasjacoby.com, and for even more extensive teaching material see www.jacobypremium.com.

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Debate 3 Science, Man and God: Creationism vs Evolution