International Teachers' Seminar: Who is My Brother? - Illumination Publishers
International Teachers' Seminar: Who is My Brother? - Illumination Publishers

International Teachers' Seminar: Who is My Brother?

The More YOU Know, The Better WE Grow!


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The 12th Annual International Teachers' Seminar took place in Washington, DC, November 16-18. More people worldwide are asking the important question, "Who is my brother?" The seminar theme was relevant, timely, and much needed.

I. Fellowship Updates: CC, COC, ICOC. Bob Kurka, Gary Holloway, Gordon Ferguson.

Session I, during the first evening, included 15 academics (mainly university professors) from the Churches of Christ and Christian Church colleges (Lipscomb, Lincoln, etc). You will hear about developments in the Christian Churches, Churches of Christ, and the ICOC family, given by Bob Kurka, Gary Holloway, and Gordon Ferguson.

II. Boundaries, Progress, Implications. Douglas Jacoby, Steve Staten, Scott Green.

Session II features a series of three lessons on the Restoration Movement by Douglas Jacoby, Steve Staten, and Scott Green. Where does the ICOC fit in the broader scheme of things? What does it mean to be part of the Restoration Movement? This is the meatiest section of the ITS, in terms of biblical study.

III. Perspectives: the ICOC and the US. Andrew Lewis, Valdur Koha, Mark Green, LaGard Smith.

Session III is a series of short talks offering "outside" perspectives on the ICOC. First, Andrew Lewis of Toronto, Canada emphasizes the desire of Canadians, and all nations, to feel respected by the United States, including US Christians. Valdur Koha, an Estonian brought up in Germany and now living in the US, shares an honest and helpful European perspective on global unity. Mark Green (Fairfax, Virginia), the brother of Scott Green (Seattle, Washington) speaks about "The View from the Other Fork in the Road"--why certain churches of committed Christians did not feel comfortable joining the Boston Movement, even as they did not feel comfortable with the "mainline" COCs. Finally, LaGard Smith speaks briefly, giving his take on the ICOC. He speaks with genuine concern and warmth, but also bracing candor, sharing things only an "outsider" could say.

IV. Understanding the Times. LaGard Smith, Scott Green, Joseph Harris, Malcolm Cox.

Session IV includes LaGard Smith's keynote message, Understanding the Times. Smith's masterful analysis of what is happening on the stage of world history will make one think, and think deeply. Be sure to hear the responses that follow from Scott Green, Joey Harris (Augusta, Georgia), and Malcolm Cox (London, England).

V. Synopsis and Conclusions. Scott Green, Mark Green, Vicki Jacoby, Andrew Fleming.

Includes sharing from four Christians as they personally share what they learned from the ITS. Each lesson is short and to the point. Speakers include Scott Green, Mark Green, Vicki Jacoby (for a sister's and mother's view) and Andy Fleming (Los Angeles, California). Their sharing brings the conference to a fitting conclusion.

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