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Jesus and Islam Kindle

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Readers may have a number of reasons for taking the time to study this book:
  • Maybe you know nothing about Islam, and this volume is your first introduction to the religion.
  • Perhaps you have taken a university-level class on Islam and seek to expand your knowledge.
  • Maybe you are a Westerner who is apprehensive about Islam. You worry about what is going to happen to this world, and this fear has impelled you to increase your understanding.
  • Or perhaps you are a Muslim and have a deep-vested interest in the subject; you want to make sure that what the Book says is fair.

Regardless of your background or religion, we hope that Jesus and Islam will stimulate you to deeper thought, and even some soul-searching.

Chapter Titles
Chapter One The Challenge: Open Your Eyes!
Chapter Two Overview: Islam from 622 to the Present Day
Chapter Three Al-Qur'an: The Bible of the Muslims
Chapter Four Violence: The Exception or the Rule?
Chapter Five Response: Turn the Other Cheek?
Chapter Six Connections: Reaching Out to Muslims
Chapter Seven Jesus and Muslims: Will We Follow Our Lord?
Postscript: A Personal Reflection by Abdel Aziz Sarah
Appendix: The Structure of the Qur'an

Aziz Abu Sarah is an Arab Palestinian, born and raised in Jerusalem. He became a Christian in 1999, and has served as a leader with various churches in the Middle East. Aziz has spoken in churches, synagogues, and mosques on interfaith dialogue and the role of religion in reconciliation. He has also appeared before numerous international organizations and universities, including Columbia, Princeton, Brandeis, and Yale, and even before the European Parliament. Mr. Sarah is highly involved in the Israeli-Palestinian peace movement, and as a result of his excellent work has been honored with the Goldberg Prize for Peace in the Middle East from the Institute of International Education, the Silver Rose Award from the European Parliament, and the Eisenhower Medallion.

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