The Psalms: How to read them, understand them, and pray them. This Audio set is a practical workshop in improving our relationship with God through studying the longest and most quoted book in all of Scripture. This Audio series workshop was
recorded before a live audience in Orlando, Florida.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Hebrew Poetry:
  • How to Read the Psalms
  • Lesson 2: Psalms of Revenge:
  • How to Pray the Psalms
  • Lesson 3: Doctrines True and False:
  • How to Study the Psalms
  • Lesson 4: Psalms Pointing to Jesus:
  • The Place of Psalms in the Canon
  • After studying through this series you will understand the Psalms in new ways and it will help you apply those truths in your walk with God.

    Reading, Praying and Living the Psalms