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Hebrews: Living By Faith

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Hebrews is one of God's great gifts to the church. It is unlike the gospels or the letters. It flows more like a sermon. It combines some of the most eloquent writing in the New Testament. It has deeply profound theological and Christological statements. It connects the Old and New Testament most effectively. This Book is an exhortation for believers to strengthen their faith by focusing on Jesus, the man, the prophet, the messiah, and God.

Table of Contents


  • Chapter 1. Jesus Is Greater Than the Prophets Hebrews 1:1–3
  • Chapter 2. Jesus Is Greater Than the Angels Hebrews 1:4–1:14
  • Chapter 3. Exhortation #1: Pay Careful Attention Hebrews 2:1–9
  • Chapter 4. Jesus Is a Perfect Priest Hebrews 2:10–18
  • Chapter 5. Jesus Is Greater Than Moses Hebrews 3:1–6
  • Chapter 6. Exhortation #2: Make Every Effort Hebrews 3:7–4:13
  • Chapter 7. Jesus Is Greater Than the High Priest Hebrews 4:14–5:10
  • Chapter 8. Exhortation #3: Move On to Maturity Hebrews 5:11–6:12
  • Chapter 9. Jesus Is Greater Than Abraham Hebrews 6:13–20a
  • Chapter 10. Jesus' Priesthood Is Greater Than Aaron's Hebrews 6:20b–7:28
  • Chapter 11. Jesus Is the Author of a Better Covenant Hebrews 8:113
  • Chapter 12. Jesus Dwells in a Greater, Heavenly Tabernacle Hebrews 9:1–11
  • Chapter 13. Jesus Offers a Greater Sacrifice Hebrews 9:12–10:18
  • Chapter 14. Exhortation #4: Draw Near to God Hebrews 10:19–39
  • Chapter 15. Exhortation #5: Live by FaithÐ Hebrews 11:1–40
  • Chapter 16. Look to Jesus Hebrews 12:1–17
  • Chapter 17. Summary: The Mt. of Fear & Mt. of Joy Hebrews 12:18–29
  • Chapter 18. Final Exhortations Hebrews 13:1–25

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