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In Christ (Apple/Android Version)

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What makes us Christians? The answer is simple. It is Jesus Christ. His life and ministry, and his death, burial and resurrection make us disciples. He defines us. If there were no Christ, there would be no Christians. Our concept of who we are comes from him. He is "the pioneer and perfecter of faith." The best description of this relationship is being "in Christ." This Book covers 27 topics that reveal the importance and power of being found in Christ.

Table of Contents
  1. Chapter 1 You Were Outside of Christ
  2. Chapter 2 But You Have Been Reconciled to Him
  3. Chapter 3 You Came into Christ
  4. Chapter 4 Now You Have Redemption in Christ
  5. Chapter 5 You Are Made Holy in Christ
  6. Chapter 6 You Are Made Righteous in Christ
  7. Chapter 7 You Are Made Alive in Christ
  8. Chapter 8 Already, But Not Yet
  9. Chapter 9 You Are a New Creation in Christ
  10. Chapter 10 In Christ, We Put Off the flesh
  11. Chapter 11 There Is No Condemnation for Those Who Are in Christ
  12. Chapter 12 You Receive Grace in Christ
  13. Chapter 13 In Christ You Are Chosen by God
  14. Chapter 14 We Are All Children of God in Christ
  15. Chapter 15 You Have Secure Love in Christ
  16. Chapter 16 You Possess Eternal Life in Christ
  17. Chapter 17 We Have The Peace of God in Christ
  18. Chapter 18 You Have Fullness in Christ
  19. Chapter 19 You Find Surpassing Worth in Christ
  20. Chapter 20 We Are All One in Christ
  21. Chapter 21 All the Promises of God Find Their ‘Yes' in Christ
  22. Chapter 22 You Have Every Spiritual Blessing in Christ
  23. Chapter 23 The Mystery of God Is Revealed in Christ
  24. Chapter 24 The Reality of God Is Found in Christ
  25. Chapter 25 You Have Freedom in Christ
  26. Chapter 26 You Have the Promised Holy Spirit in Christ
  27. Chapter 27 Us in Christ and Christ in Us
Appendix. Will Any of Those Not in Christ Be with Us in Eternity?

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