The need for biblical evidences is greater in our generation than ever before. Secularism and humanism are rampant, the media and the educational system bombard us with half-truths and untruths about the meaning of life, and multitudes are confused about the fundamentals of human existence. So profound is the confusion today that many ask not, What are the answers?, but rather What are the questions? We in Western society are in a bad way indeed! The need for scientifically current apologetics Books that are well thought out, well written, and well adapted to our generation is great.

Surely every reader will want to follow the flow of John Oakes' reasoning and master the arguments, in order to be better equipped to convince others about God's reality and the truth of his Word.

Chapter Topics include:

  • How Old is the Earth?
  • Did the Universe Just Happen?
  • Did Life Just Happen?
  • Could This All Be Just a Coincidence?
  • What About Genesis?
  • Rattlesnake Fat, Anyone?
  • Fable or Fact?
  • Where Did I Come From?
  • Will It Be Fire Next Time?
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Is There A God?