For most of us, our direct historical descentÐour traceable Christian heritage–will be found in this, the third segment of The Christian Story. And the story we are most interested in, naturally, is our own. There is so much to be excited about in the last five hundred years of Christian history! So many victories won, so many saints who gave their lives in restoring Christianity to its roots. It was in this period that Christianity truly became a world religion, as Europeans explored the ends of the earth and brought belief in Christ to every corner of the globe. We will have many heroes of the faith in the pages of this and the next volume in our series. There will be the well-known Christian leaders such as Erasmus, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin and Wesley. There will also be unsung men and women such as Theresa of Avila, Menno Simons, Francis Xavier, Thomas Cranmer, George Fox, George Whitefield and Nicholas Zinzendorf, who can inspire us in our faith. As all of these men and women were obviously human, we will learn both from their strengths and their failures. Please join us as we see the unfolding Christian Story. In Volume III you will learn about:

  • The Catholic Reformation, AD 1500-1550
  • Martin Luther and the Magisterial Reformation
  • Ulrich Zwingli and the Reformed Movement
  • The Radical Reformation, AD 1525-1550
  • Calvinism and the English Protestant Reformation
  • The Counter-Reformation, AD 1550-1600
  • The End of European Christendom
  • The Second Reformation: Pietism, Puritans, Baptists, Quakers
  • ...and much more
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